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15 random observations from the road

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From time to time I’m going to take a break from my social media findings and have a little fun with this blog. This is one of those times. Traveling around the world over 3 1/2 months, I observed a great deal. Here’s are 15 observations:

1- The British are obsessed with making a proper cup of tea.

2- Norwegian Women tend to congregate in large groups

3- Iceland + Eurovision = Love!

4- Sweden has no TV’s in their Bars, nor Grey Goose

5- Icelandic young adults are down with big band music

6- Early Do-Wop and Rock& Roll from the 1950’s are played everywhere in Europe

7- As well 80’s pop music

8- Latvians love mullets

9- Russians enjoy Smoking

10- Russians hate to accept large ruble denominations.

11- Chinese people love t-shirts with random english words.

12- Mongolian nomadic tribes have modern accessaries such as satellite dishes, cars and cell phones.

13- Russians don’t believe in queues

14- Chinese men are involved parents.

15- Germans are everywhere!


Written by Derek Reese

September 23, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Posted in Travel

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